• Liban

    Emplacement:Allemagne; Date de préparation du projet :2022.11.03 Capacité du système:50KW  

  • Allemagne

    Emplacement:Liban; Date de préparation du projet : 2021.06.22 Capacité du système:5KW

  • Roumanie

    Emplacement:Roumanie; Date de préparation du projet : 2019.07.11Capacité du système:13,2KW

  • Afrique du Sud

    Emplacement:Afrique du Sud;Date de préparation du projet:2023.03.07 Capacité du système: Demi-cellule mono 1,2 MW

  • Projet

    L'entreprise a exporté des produits solaires dans plus de 100 pays et a gagné les éloges de ses clients.


La société fournit des services pour l'utilisation d'énergies et de technologies de décision durables

  • Entreprise fiable
    Entreprise fiable

    Nous sommes une entreprise spécialisée dans la R&D, la vente, l'installation, l'exploitation et la maintenance de nouveaux produits énergétiques.

  • Produits de haute qualité
    Produits de haute qualité

    Les principaux produits comprennent des panneaux solaires, des onduleurs solaires, des systèmes photovoltaïques, des batteries au lithium et des batteries au gel.

  • Clients mondiaux
    Clients mondiaux

    Ces dernières années, l’entreprise a exporté des produits solaires dans plus de 100 pays.

  • Services professionnels
    Services professionnels

    Nous avons des ingénieurs qualifiés et des conseillers commerciaux professionnels qui fourniront aux clients des informations en temps opportun.

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  • Mégawatts installés

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  • CO2 réduit

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  • Arbres sauvés

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Dernières nouvelles pour notre client.

  • Aiko technology
    Aiko technology

    In the pursuit of the dream of a zero-carbon society, Axiomtek has always stood out for its innovative power and sense of mission. As a brand dedicated to photovoltaic efficiency and quality aesthetics, they not only continue to push the boundaries of technology, but also make continuous efforts in customer relations to meet user needs. Let's take a deeper look at Axiomtek's core value of one-stop system solution and the outstanding benefits it brings. The efficiency of AIKO's one-stop system solution is obvious. With a conversion efficiency of over 24 per cent, its ABC modules convert solar energy into electricity more efficiently than conventional technologies. This means that the ABC modules can continue to generate electricity in the morning and evening when the light is weak, providing a more stable power supply for users. Even more impressively, Axiomtek employs one string tracking technology to maximise the energy captured from each module, further improving power generation efficiency. This high efficiency is crucial to achieving the goal of a zero-carbon society, as it helps to maximise the use of solar resources. The system's easy-to-install and easy-to-operate features provide users with unrivalled convenience. The one-string-one-monitoring technology allows users to monitor the working status of each string in real time, realising refined operation and maintenance. The system bracket design is flexible and can be adapted to a variety of installation directions, providing more flexible options. In addition, the integrated design of household storage makes the installation process faster and more convenient, while the modular design features make the flexible expansion of the system possible. These features greatly reduce the difficulty of installation and maintenance, providing users with comprehensive support. One of the advantages of AIKO's one-stop system solution is the convenience of kitting. Users can enjoy the one-stop package delivery without long waiting time. The Kit-style racking package makes the installation process more hassle-free and less labour-intensive. This means that users can start using the solar power system more quickly, contributing to a zero-carbon society.   Last but not least, Axiomtek provides users with system-level OEM service. Whether it's modules, racking, inverters, storage or APP, users can enjoy a full range of service guarantees to ensure efficient system operation and reliability. This quality of service is a source of pride for the AIKO brand and a key factor in their partnership with customers.  

  • Happy Dragon Boat Festival
    Happy Dragon Boat Festival

    With the gentle breeze of summer, we are about to usher in the annual Dragon Boat Festival. In this festival full of traditional colours and warm atmosphere, our company sends the most sincere holiday blessings and heartfelt thanks to our customers who have always given us trust and support! Dragon Boat Festival, also known as Dragon Boat Festival, is a traditional festival with a long history of the Chinese nation. It is not only a festival, but also a cultural heritage and emotional exchange. On this special day, we hope that through the dumplings to convey a strong blessing, may your life as this sweet-smelling dumplings, full of sweetness and warmth.   All along, your trust and support are the driving force for us to move forward. It is with your company that we can move forward steadily in the highly competitive market and achieve one achievement after another. Here, we sincerely thank you for your trust and love, but also promise that we will continue to work hard to provide you with better quality products and more intimate service.   In the future, we will continue to uphold the concept of "customer first", and constantly optimise our products and services to meet your growing needs. We firmly believe that only by truly understanding and satisfying the needs of our customers can we win their trust and loyalty.   Last but not least, once again, we wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival, good health and happiness for your family! May you spend quality time with your family and enjoy the joy and warmth of the festival. At the same time, we also look forward to the future, we can continue to work together to create a better tomorrow!

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Tél : +86 17730022793

E-mail : [email protected]


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